What will I be Learning in Art and Design?

This unit provides the opportunity for you to explore, investigate and learn about aspects of emotions. Investigating how grotesque heads are portrayed in various artworks such as paintings and masks you will make drawings and design images using a range of materials including pencil, coloured pencil, pen and acrylic paint and 3D construction techniques. You will gain skills in observing, recording and manipulating materials while extending your knowledge of appropriate artists, designers and craftsperson’s. You will also be expected to evaluate your own and other class members progress through this unit making constructive comments on each others work using specific art and design vocabulary

From this unit you will develop the following skills in Art and Design.


You will be able to use a variety of approaches when exploring and experimenting with ideas, selecting appropriate information and resources in order to develop your work.


You will be able to investigate and develop a range of practical skills using the qualities of materials purposefully to suit your design intentions.


You will be able to compare and comment on different ideas, methods and approaches used by artists, craftsperson’s and designers, making specific comments about the environment and social situation in which the artwork was made.


You will be able to discuss your own work and that of others and consider how you may adapt and refine your ideas, skills and processes.

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